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THQNORDIC Buys Novalogic

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JG, Have you given THQ a headsup about the FringeSpace project?

When they bought the license I replied in the first 10 comments on their website, it promptly got buried by the internet chiming in.

Going by their website, they have no means by which fans communicate with the studio, they have a forum, but it's pretty much unmonitored.
Their E-mail line is for professional studio inquiries only, all other mail will be deleted.

Their Twitter also doesn't respond it seems.

How he did it I don't know, but a user on Steam claims to have gotten a E-mail reply, to which they said they had no plans to fix or alter Tachyon's multiplayer.

So basically THQ is another Novalogic. We didn't really get much of a change in the PR department. lol.

I wouldn't say that NORDIC is as dead as Nova in all area, but I think it's fairly evident they bought the licenses in order to refarm any IPs the gaming development community thought they wanted to take over.
Basically it's a one time payment, and it costs them little to nothing to hang on to them for a rainy day. Providing services for a game that wasn't theirs to begin with, nor do they have someone familiar with the code
to do any changes... all that takes allocation of resources, none of which is anywhere in the same galaxy as their current projects.

So yeah it makes sense the reply, expected it much much sooner, but nothing unusual.

In case anyone was randomly curious.  I contacted THQNordic when Tach was on sale at GOG, trying to see since they listed it as multiplayer and working on Win 10 (which it does, just have to beat it around)
however eventually ended up at THQ.

Basically their response was that support has no information on patches, DLC, or whatever, that is part of Production, and they forwarded my mail to them. It's been around a week and no reply.
I also requested information on whom to contact about game IP licensing, should we get to a place where we can produce something of value, sometime in the future. But no reply to that either.

Overall, at least they replied, unlike Novalogic. But still no real support.

GOG considers IPX based LAN as "multiplayer" which is baloney... but uh... yeah.  Evidently the GOG version of Tachyon also comes with NGlide, which not sure how that works with a paid product and such, but
we were the first ones to tell and show folks how to use Glide wrappers with Tachyon so, I guess in a roundabout way we enacted change for the better.


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