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Woot! Thanks for addressing that problem with mission 18!

Update 2.0.18 overhauls the specular maps of Solaris assets, a facelift that was well needed which should make the assets pop in high-contrast lighting.

I've just completed my playthrough of the first Solaris campaign and I must say this is a great TC under all points of view. The fact that it's set in an entirely new universe, totally unrelated to any other continuity we are all familiar with, speaks for itself. The atmosphere, plot and battles all contribute to consolidating Solaris' role as one of the most memorable mods even created using the FSO engine.

Now that the Wiki portal on Solaris lore is expanding, I'll use it to learn more about the various factions involved and the stories behind them. Oh, and I now have to play Black Sun, too.  :)

Part 3 release date?

No firm part 3 date yet, but planning some sort of release in a couple months. Progress has been good 👍


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