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Minor issues with setting up SR

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I downloaded SR 1.06 from the ModDB link and tried to set up the campaign that way (I haven't transitioned over to Knossos yet fully and still use wxlauncher for most campaigns).  However, when I started the campaign (hitting ESC to skip the FS intro movie) I got a notice at the pilot select screen that said there were 12 errors that could be a result of corrupt tables, etc. and that FSO would attempt to work in spite of it.

1:  I tried to make a mod.ini since that download didn't come with one (it came with something called a mod.json).  Perhaps I got that error notice because I had it set up wrong somehow.  Here is how I had the relevant part set up:

primarylist = fsport-mediavps_43x;
secondarylist = fsport,mediavps_43x;


I presume that's the only part of the mod.ini that would cause this (the stuff above it was items like 'infotext' and 'image' which just shows how it appears in wxlauncher).  Do I at least have that set up right or should I change it?

2:  I have the new HD mainhall files downloaded and put in the proper places (I'm able to see them with FSPort campaigns) but when I got past the pilot selection screen and to the mainhall it was the 'regular' one from FS1 and not the newer HD version.  Is there a way to see the new HD version of the mainhalls with these campaigns or is that not meant to happen here?

Anyways, FYI and FWIW:  I still was able to play the SR campaigns despite that earlier error notice and when I actually got in game, I didn't notice any gamebreaking or big technical errors.  The campaigns played fine and congratulations to the team for a great work.

modname      = SerRes;
infotext     = ;

secondarylist = FreeSpacePortMVP,FreeSpacePort,MediaVP;

The direct ModDB download of our modpack serves as a last resort shoud Knossos go either crazy or temporarily down. (We jumped from 1.0.0 to 1.0.6 in about one week, and most updates are due to several errors in Knossos packaging the source of which is still unclear).

Judging from your experience, even though your gameplay was rather smooth and I'm glad it was, I see you do in fact miss some of the files: SerRes includes an "empty" intro cutscene overriding FS1's intro cinematic, so if you get to watch FS1's intro, something's wrong.

Just wondering after CT27s post - does the ModDB download include a mod.ini?


--- Quote from: Nightmare on October 30, 2020, 05:28:23 pm ---Just wondering after CT27s post - does the ModDB download include a mod.ini?

--- End quote ---

When I tried it the other day, it did not.  It had a "mod.json", but no mod.ini.

Anyways, about the mod.ini template you gave me a couple posts ago (thank you by the way):

Is that literally the text I should put into the mod.ini file (in addition to adding an image 255X112 line with a bmp picture file I made)?

I ask because there are a couple points I'm wondering about:
-Should "secondrylist" be changed to "secondarylist"?
-Should I change the items in that line to their more specific versions?  For example, since this uses 4.3.X files should I change "FreeSpacePortMVP" to what other mods use as "fsport-mediavps_43x"?


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