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As HLP got now a translation board, you are now allowed to post your translations in this board.

The following one are the so far all known translations this game and its mods got so far.
Is a translation missing?
Then feel free to inform me about it, so that one can be added to this list :).
If the translation is hard to obtain in a regular manner, i copied it to my FSFiles Repository on Sectorgame, so that every translation is still downloadable.

English under Languages is listed if you still can play the english version even you are using the translation mod.

LAST UPDATE: 2023/12/08
- Updated NTP - A Multi Language Translation Library to MediaVPs 4.7.X.
- Updated Diaspora: Shattered Armistice to Version 1.1.4.
- Added the French translations of Fall of Epsilon Pegasi, Shepherds, Sol: A History Reborn, Solaris, Sync, The Battle of Neptune, The Destiny of Peace and Walls Closing to the list.

- Updated NTP - A Multi Language Translation Library to MediaVPs 4.5.X.
- Added the French translations of Blue Planet, Derelict, FreeSpace Port, Silent Threat: Reborn, The Titan Rebellion and Warzone to the list.

- Added "FreeSpace 2: Demo Campaign" to NTP - A Multi Language Translation Library Interface.

- Initial list.

Available Translations:
NameLanguage(s)ModTranslated Campaigns & MissionsBased uponLinksTranslations for FreeSpace 2:NTP - A Multi Language Translation Library InterfaceEnglish, French
German, Japanese & SpanishFreeSpace 2FreeSpace 2 Main Campaign, FreeSpace 2: Demo Campaign,
FreeSpace 2: Operation TemplarMediaVPs 4.7.XHLP ThreadJapanese Localization ProjectJapaneseFreeSpace 2FreeSpace 2 Main CampaignMediaVPs 2014HLP Thread / Download MirrorTraducción Freespace 2 versión FSOpenSpanishFreeSpace 2FreeSpace 2 Main Campaign & 3 Single Player GauntletsMediaVPs 3.6.9WebsiteJapanese Localization PatchJapaneseFreeSpace 2FreeSpace 2 Main CampaignRetailHLP Thread / Download MirrorTraducción FreeSpace 2 versión retailSpanishFreeSpace 2FreeSpace 2 Main Campaign & 3 Single Player GauntletsRetailWebsiteBlue Planet - French TranslationFrenchBlue Planet CompleteFreeSpace: Blue, Age of Aquarius, War in Heaven & The Blade ItselfBPC 1.1.5HLP ThreadDerelict - French TranslationFrenchDerelictComplete Campaign3.8.6HLP ThreadFall of Epsilon Pegasi - French TranslationFrenchFall of Epsilon PegasiComplete Campaign2.0.2HLP Collection ThreadThe Battle of Neptune - French TranslationFrenchThe Battle of NeptuneComplete Campaign2.1.0HLP Collection ThreadShepherds - French TranslationFrenchShepherdsComplete Campaign1.1.2HLP Collection ThreadSol: A History Reborn - French TranslationFrenchSol: A HistoryComplete Campaigns2.1.1HLP Collection ThreadSync - French TranslationFrenchSyncComplete Campaign2.0.1HLP Collection ThreadThe Titan Rebellion - French TranslationFrenchThe Titan RebellionComplete Campaign1.0.0HLP Collection ThreadWalls Closing - French TranslationFrenchWalls ClosingComplete Campaign1.2.3HLP Collection ThreadWarzone - French TranslationFrenchWarzoneComplete Campaign2.5.1HLP Collection ThreadTranslations for FreeSpace Port:FreeSpace PortEnglish, French, German,
Polish, Italian & SpanishFreeSpace PortFreeSpace Main Campaign & Silent Threat: RebornFSPort 3.7.1HLP ThreadFreeSpace Port - French TranslationFrenchFreeSpace PortFreeSpace Main Campaign, FreeSpace: Silent Threat,
Operation Templar, Standalone Missions & Multiplayer MissionsFSPort MediaVPs 4.6.8HLP ThreadFreiRaum: FreeSpace PortEnglish & GermanFreeSpace PortFreeSpace Main Campaign, FreeSpace: Silent Threat,
Operation Templar, Standalone Missions & Multiplayer MissionsFSPort MediaVPs 3.5German Forum ThreadTraducción FreeSpace 2: FSPort versión fsopenSpanishFreeSpace PortFreeSpace Main Campaign, FreeSpace: Silent Threat
& Operation TemplarFSPort MediaVPs 3.0.3WebsiteTraducción FreeSpace 2: FSPort versión retailSpanishFreeSpace PortFreeSpace Main Campaign & FreeSpace: Silent ThreatFSPort 3.0.4WebsiteFreiRaum: ErweckungenEnglish & GermanAwakeningsComplete Campaign1.0German Forum ThreadCardinal Spear EspañolSpanishCardinal SpearCardinal Spear & Cardinal Spear: Vega1.0Spanish Forum Thread / Download MirrorFreiRaum: Deneb IIIEnglish & GermanDeneb IIIComplete Campaign1.2German Forum ThreadSilent Threat: Reborn - French TranslationFrenchSilent Threat: RebornComplete Campaign & Standalone Missions1.6.0HLP ThreadFreiRaum: Stille Bedrohung: WiedergeborenEnglish & GermanSilent Threat: RebornComplete Campaign & Standalone Missions1.4German Forum ThreadTraducción FSPort: Silent Threat: RebornSpanishSilent Threat: RebornComplete Campaign1.0WebsiteThe Destiny of Peace - French TranslationFrenchThe Destiny of PeaceComplete Campaign1.2.0HLP Collection ThreadFreiRaum: Das Schicksal des FriedensEnglish & GermanThe Destiny of PeaceComplete Campaign1.1German Forum ThreadTranslations for Beyond the Red Line:Traducción Beyond the Red LineSpanishBeyond the Red LineDemo CampaignBtRL 1.0.3WebsiteTranslations for Diaspora:Diaspora: Shattered ArmisticeEnglish, French,
German & SpanishDiasporaMod is fully translated in French
Other languages have translated menus onlyRelease Version 1.1.4HLP ThreadTranslations for Solaris:Solaris - French TranslationFrenchSolarisComplete Campaigns2.2.10HLP Collection ThreadTranslations for The Babylon Project:Traducción The Babylon ProjectSpanishThe Babylon ProjectAchen Schooling Flight, Awakening of the Beast, Dark Children,
Drums of War, Drums of War 2, Earth-Brakiri War, Earth-Minbari War Demo,
Fortune Hunters 2259, Fortune Hunters 2260, Infestation, Operation Black Sun,
Operation Suppression, Raider Wars, Survivor & The Black Hand - Episode IDVD Release 1.0WebsiteTranslations for Wing Commander Saga:Wing Commander Saga DeutschGermanWing Commander SagaMain Campaign & PrologueWCS 1.1German Forum ThreadTraducción Wing Commander SagaSpanishWing Commander SagaPrologueWCS Prologue 1.1Website

Colonol Dekker:
Congrats on the board dude.
Hopefully we'll get more traffic and, increased output of amazing new mods from this..

Diaspora supports German, French and Spanish natively.


--- Quote from: karajorma on February 03, 2021, 10:54:02 am ---Diaspora supports German, French and Spanish natively.

--- End quote ---

Well, there is a strings.tbl translation in the said languages.
But not a tstrings.tbl one.

I am actually not sure if i should count that.  :blah:

For a start i put it in with "Menu only", even i am a little unhappy with it, because it is far off a fleshed out translation the other translations are at least.

--- Quote from: Colonol Dekker on February 03, 2021, 08:29:37 am ---Congrats on the board dude.
Hopefully we'll get more traffic and, increased output of amazing new mods from this..

--- End quote ---

It is quite a honor actually... because i think i am in line of very few female Forum moderators on HLP :warp:.

And if i look to the argument in the site support board... this Community is in dire need of a Gentlemen attitude.

Well... updated the list with all of Achille's content.

During my absense with my little sathanas fleet to explode some stars in the depths of the universe, Achille was a busy little bee for the french community.


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