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Ships in mission look different in techroom database?

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Came back after a while to see my favorite community project is still making progress (and what progress it is) after all these years! There's one problem (and I don't thik it's related to the current build, as it happens going back in Knossos, too):
The ships in the database look moch more refined with bump/displaement plus sheen&reflections than the models in mission. Am I just missing a flag in my config or is this a limitation of the engine?

The two places use very different lighting settings, missions in general get affected by many more factors while the tech room is relatively inflexible. Could you post screenshots of what you mean? Otherwise we can only guess at the reasons for what you're seeing. Depending on how severe it is, it may be a bug.

Techroom has top-down, single light source and several nebulae around. It's actually very old setting. You should be able to reproduce the effect if you set a single sun on top of background. In majority of missions of fanmade campaigns sun is on the side.

I know it's a different setting, old or not, they look better in the Techroom than in game. These are screens from the original campaign TR vs in game. You can clearly see more pronounced displacement, bump and reflections on all the surfaces which gives them a mor "3D" feel in thetechroom while "game engine" look in game.

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2 moire. I am aware it is not the exact light setting but I never do get this kind of shininess in game.

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