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Ships in mission look different in techroom database?

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The E:
This is correct. The techroom is the last holdout of bespoke model rendering code in the engine, and it doesn't use the post-processing pipeline. What you are seeing there doesn't have tonemapping applied to it; I am personally not all that happy with the current tonemapping operator we use as it tends to flatten out lighting a lot, unfortunately, I haven't found one I like better yet.

 the postprocessing flag definitely was the missing link. Now, I'm torn in between as it gives that dark moody, 3dimensional feel but of course also disbles other goodies like bloom as mentioned. Hoping for a future patch / switch that will enable tone mapping while keeping the other post pro features enabled. Thanks again to everybody!

Sorry for hijacking this thread, but while updating my Unofficial Patch to improve compatibility of The Babylon Project with FSO 23.0.0, I noticed that the Whitestar ship looks completely different in the technical database view compared to inside the game. Like it looks greenish instead of purple-white. Is there anything I can do in the patch to fix that?


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