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Ships in mission look different in techroom database?

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Yeah, I know its likely a mistake on my part, but the new Orion model looks oddly colored for the same reason with my settings.

Largely what I expected to see. I expect that is mostly due to the higher ambient in missions, although the tech room does bring out some details, that harsh contrast can be detrimental in gameplay circumstances. Lighting is a very personal thing, and has some options for the command line that can let you tweak things, including the lighting influence from suns/weapons/beams and ambient lighting.

Thanks for the reply. Yet I don't understand why not a single mission will give me that 3dimensional reflections on the greebles that are so prominent in the techroom and the only time I got close to that was with the experimental defferred lighting and  shadow buiold (that I preferred over the regular releases for quite some time) I agree that high contrast/deep, extreme shadows are a matter of taste and increase the challenge especially for multiplayer, but who said fighting in space would be a walk in the park and it makes things so much more immersive. Anyway. I will paly around with the flags another round. just, would tweaking the light settings not also affect both, tech room and missions?

I could be wrong, but post - processing doesn't seem to affect techroom. Try the -Disable post-processing checkbox under the Graphics option in your launcher and see if you're happy with the result.

I was wondering if that might be the case as well, as it does kind of look like it has no tone-mapping, but I don't know for sure. The tone-mapping definitely brings down the contrast by a lot, in my opinion in a good way, but disabling post processing also disables several other graphical features, such as bloom. I think there has been discussion on configuration of the tone mapping, but it's not really my area of expertise.


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