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Great Job on the voice overs for the missions/briefing etc, this is amazing


And also as a NJ fellow, I just need to tease about how amazingly professionally accentless and authentic the mission briefer sounds.  No joke, full sincere. Then you hear the Boston  aer at the end of sharp A vowels and it's just :DDDD

Alpher.  Betar.

I freaking love it.

I'm fulling willing to buy that that particular dialect/pronunciation is the one that survives deep into our spacefaring future

Thanks for the comments. :)

You may be interested to know that that voice actor is actually from the UK, and he is faking an American accent.  The "Alphar" and "Betar" pronunciations were his own idea. :nervous:

You can hear this actor's natural accent in a few places, most notably as the GTC Minotaur in Secrets Reborn.


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