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Hey all. I've noticed the latest MediaVPs have a new Aten model and that means I need to make a new Hammer of Light skin for it. :blah:

We also have new models for the Faustus and Chronos, which means new medical skins are needed as well. I have a workflow in mind but I gotta test it out.

And then there's nifty new code for passive lightning effects, which I would like to add into the Karnak reactor model!

Speaking of which, there is a Karnak collision bug that I should patch, apparently, so that high-poly model will need reconversion using Blender.

Any other things I should add to my to-do list?

Got pointed out on the discord earlier: The GTF Loki#Stealth variant doesn't use the latest MVP models.

Iain Baker:
Is there any possibility of adding damage effects to the hud, like smoke, sparks, cracks in the screen etc? Some of the TC mods do that I think. It looks cool, and helps serve as a shorthand for how banged up you are getting. I have died more than once due to not realising my ship was at death's door because everything looked fine and I hadn't noticed my health gauge  :lol:

Good news, the MediaVPs include animated PNGs for all the ship and weapon loadout SSAnis!

Bad news is they are all in the FS2 style, overwrite what's in the FSPort, and all the FS1 weapons are just the Cyclops. Interface is messed up yo.

Not sure how to fix this other than converting all the FSPort ANIs into APNGs. Anyone have experience in doing this?


--- Quote from: Galemp on July 29, 2022, 11:57:38 am ---Good news, the MediaVPs include animated PNGs for all the ship and weapon loadout SSAnis!

--- End quote ---

What files are you talking about specifically and what MVPs package are they in? I have no memory of making APNG loadout anims. Doesn't mean I didn't, but I honestly can't remember (or find) them.

MV Assets. Go figure. I legit don't remember doing that back in 2019 but there it is. You can probably override them with the FSPort .anis if the ANIs exist in FSPort mediavps rather than FSPort. It's not the file type that's overriding, it's the mod load order. FSPort's mod hierarchy is a web I prefer not to touch, though, so I dunno for sure.


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