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I made a couple tweaks: fixed 3d loadout icons, radar icons

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Shivan Hunter:
I went through all the weapon tech models in PCS2 and tweaked the radius (and sometimes bounding box) of detail0, so they show up properly in the loadout screen instead of being tiny and horrible and impossible to see. Also properly centered the EMP missile and some others that were a bit off.

Also: I always found it odd that the radar icon for a corvette was the Iceni, so I made a Deimos replacement (idk if it's any good) and a tbl entry so that the Iceni icon is only used by the Iceni itself. Also got rid of the grey box around the Orion and cargo icons.

Anyway you guys can take it or leave it but the microscopic icons have always annoyed me, so here:


Iain Baker:
Nice one. Sometimes even relatively minor changes can make a big difference 👍 

Those weapons have been bugging me for a very long time. Thanks!

FWIW I prefer the Iceni as the generic Corvette icon. The Deimos icon isn't abstracted enough for my taste.

Shivan Hunter:
Thanks all :)

I see your point about the Iceni - I'll probably keep the Deimos one in my own tweaks since the Iceni icon bugs me, but the Deimos's shape doesn't lend itself well to making a simple, readable icon.


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