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Graphical glitch firing missiles


Hello there!

I hope everyone had a positive start to this week.

I need your help with a little glitch that started to appear recently, I'm not entirely sure what triggered it.

Basically, everytime I fire a missile it is surrounded by a small box made of static, or something like that.

I'm attaching an image, as it shows the problem better than I can describe it.

I've noticed some other issues on other mods, but no idea if there is any relation.

Graphics card is a Radeon RX 580. Drivers are updated (might even be the cause). Running version 4.6.7 of the FSPort Mediavps.

It's not a major issue, I know, but I'm hoping that the cause of this issue might be connected to the others.

Would appreciate any help.


Several other people have reported bugs caused by a recent driver update, so that is a distinct possibility.  Try rolling the driver back.


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