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Many model warnings with latest FSO build

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--- Quote from: Admiral Nelson on October 01, 2023, 04:44:00 pm ---Sure, I'll take care of it.

--- End quote ---

Great! Pof-Tools 1.5 found some more issues that I will fix now or tomorrow. Strange enough, the Shadow skin is not displayed anymore in Pof-Tools...

Morning. I fixed all models so that neither pof-tools nor fast debug give any warnings! I hope the former suggested the correct fixes as I still don't really know what I am doing ;). I tested some or the missions with the most variety of ships (Shadow Dancing and The Battle of the Line) and everything seems to work. Admiral Nelson, the fixed files can be found in the data/models folder of my patch as released today on the ModDB. This might warrant raising the version number of TBP to 3.8.0 as 85 files were changed!

Admiral Nelson:
All set - Version 3.8.0 is now released!

Great news :yes:

Good to see this project has been continued.  I have not played in a long time but who knows in the future...


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