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When attempting to play, I get "no executable was found for this mod."

Additionally, Blue Planet won't start up anymore.  I get "Launch Error with  FSO  Mod "FSO" >= 23.3.0-20231120" wasn't found!"

Two issues:

1-The announcement thread says version 4.7.1 is out, but the Knossos page for manual links ( says the current version is 4.7.0.

2-Also concerning the manual link page for Knossos, usually for the MVPs there are several links for the Command Briefings and Cutscenes but they aren't there.  Will they be added to that page at some point?

Thanks for your work on this.  I'm looking forward to seeing the new Ursa.

I absolutely love the new weapon effects, especially the missiles. The Maxim looks pretty slick, too. The new hi-poly models all fit in with the FS aesthetic really, really well. I'm a sucker for FS1 and Reconstruction related stuff, so shooting flashy missiles out of the Athena is cool, and the Anubis is a beautiful target. I appreciate the extra work to include all the new effects for the retail FS1 weapons also, they look awesome. :yes:

I still use the manual links, and it seems like only the newer files are up, though. The (presumably) unchanged ones like the cb anis, advanced, and music and stuff are all missing. The list ends at MV_Effects_3. Since I have a manual install, I just copied over the missing packages from my older mediavps install, but I wasn't sure if I was missing any new stuff or not.

I'm not sure why the manual links aren't showing up on fsnebula, but Daft Mugi's NebWeb has them:

I've also added the 4.7.1 MVPs to the FSO Installer.


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