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Topic: Release: MediaVPs 4.7.x - 21st of November 2023


RELEASE: MediaVPs 4.7.x - 21st of November 2023
Discussion Thread Located Here!
Step 1: Ensure you have a working installation of Freespace 2

The MediaVPs require a working installation of retail Freespace 2. If you do not have the retail Freespace 2, it can be purchased from Good Old Games for ~$6-10 USD
Step 2: Download the 4.7 MediaVPs themselves!

[DOWNLOAD] - Use Knossos:

Click below to get started. The latest revision is 4.7.x.

If you want to manually install individual packages, you'll need to write your own mod.ini and create the MediaVPs_46X folder in your FSO directory. Then use the link above and click "No, but I know exactly what I'm doing and I just want download links" and install those packages into the MediaVPs_46X folder. This method is not recommended.
Manual Installs: Get the latest SCP Build and Launcher

MediaVPs 4.7.x requires an FSO build 23.2.0 or greater!

* Current Required Build is fs2_open 23.1.0
* Launchers, if you don't have one already:
* All platforms:  Knossos (combined launcher/installer/mod store) This is the recommended method. See Step 2.
* All platforms:  wxLauncher
* Both the fs2_open exe and Launcher exe should be placed in your root Freespace2 install folder. ie: "C:\Games\FreeSpace2"
* Note that this is a HIGHLY recommended place to put your FreeSpace2 files, especially on Vista/Win7.

* It's a good idea at this point to also copy fs2_open DEBUG exe into your root Freespace2 install folder in case you later on encounter problems you need to ask about on the forums. This is because the debug builds will create the all important "fs2_open.log" file in "user\appdata\HardLightProductions\FreeSpace2\data" that should always be included in such posts. For more information, please check (all posts!) in The Freespace Troubleshooting FAQ thread in the Freespace and Freespace Open Support Forum
Play and enjoy! Also, please report any bugs you come across to the FSU Mantis!

Changelog Highlights

* New Hi-poly Ursa
* New Hi-Poly Ulysses
* New Hi-Poly Dis
* New Hi-Poly SAC3
* New Hi-Poly Anubis
* New Hi-Poly Athena
* New Hi-Poly Argo
* MV_exp-sct and MV_dbrs-sct now parse tables instead of configs
* New weapon effects for most weapons
Changelog Complete

--- Code: ---Resave all POFs in the newest format for filesave savings of about 350mb.
Use 3d ship/weapon select by default
Use generic FreespaceOpen Engine preload image
Make Ganymede arms and girders controllable via sexp
Fix for Nephilim offset
Reassigned missing dock path (path13) to Ma'at bridge dock
Other small Ma'at cleanup (recalculate Detail02 Radius, recalculate bounding box for Turret02-destroyed)
Fix for cluster bomb spawning incorrect child
Offset fixes for the SF Dragon's contrails
Prepping for SCPUI. Convert credits to use the SCPUI parse-able style.
Improved Shivan debris
Improved debris for Vasudan ships.
Debris upgrades for large terran ships.
TC-TRI debris. Fixed subobject centering on the Triton.
New debris for cruisers corvettes and Triton.
Fix docking path being too long on Hercules
Fix for the Mentu.pof's offset turret points.
Fix for Nephilim off-center thruster effect
Optimize Ravana POF
Fix Rahu dockpoint
Fix Elysium docking path
Fix for Setekh live debris
Zephyrus rotator now rotates

--- End code ---

Notes for Mods
--The animation changes will require mods to remove any subsystems listed that are no longer listed in the POFs. This does not apply to turrets. Things like docking arms and weapon bay doors are what to look for. Examine the -anim.tbms located in Assets_T and Assets_V to get an idea on which models to look at.

--The swirly subspace vortex has been moved to optional package MV_A_Warp.

--Documentation for the new flaming debris and flashy deaths tables are available on the wiki.

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Updated to 4.7.1

* Fix for invalid checksums on Knossos

Updated to 4.7.2

* Fixes incorrect version listing on the mainhall
* Fixes error in mv_effects-fexps.tbm that caused a parsing issue and possibly also caused the splash screen stall
* Fixed an issue where was shadowed by a blanked out file. Affected missiles now have the glowpoint removed from the pof itself instead

Updated to 4.7.3

* Fixed eyepoint on Ma'at pof
* Fixed eyepoint on Seth pof
* Fixed detail level mismatches on Nav Buoy, Typhon, and Tauret
* Add tstrings.tbm for translating credits and a few other customized strings
* Fixed dock paths for Aeolus, Deimos, Hecate, Leviathan (both versions), Orion (both versions), Dis, Mephisto, Moloch, Athena, Chronos, Erinyes, Hygeia, Perseus, Pegasus, TAC1


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