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Its been almost 13 years since my last post so I figured I'd just provide proof of life.


Also here is a link to the old Hades Combine (mods from like 20 years ago) downloads and stuff in case some one out there still wants it. This time its on a google drive share so it hopefully wont disappear again. I also renamed the extensions of the files so it should be easier to open them all.

Direct link to the folder with the mods:

One more shout out to Cobra and Spicious, homies 4 lyfe.

A blast from the past.  Welcome back!

And thanks for the link!  That will be useful for archeological purposes.

Shivan Hunter:
Welcome (Back) to the HLPBB!

Ah, Hades Combine... that takes me back. :) It can't have stuff from 20 years ago, that was like the 80s right? Oh... **** :nervous:

Have fun and play Between The Ashes, it's awesome!

First of all, welcome back! :)

Second of all, I'm redirecting Admiral Nelson's attention to this thread. I don't know why, but I have this impression that no matter how good our hard-drive archeology efforts are, there could still be some old mods from back in the day we may have missed. It'd be great if we could still recover some very old campaigns and bring them back to the spotlight.

Shivan Hunter:
In case you're not aware yet, the big new development in FS modding is the Knossos installer/launcher/mod repository. You'll want the .NET version since the original is kinda pants.


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