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HLP's Family Recipes (Resurrected)

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Here you can post your family recipes if you're willing to share them.

--- Jack Rogers Stew ---

* 12lbs beef
* 4 hens
* 4lbs dried butter beans
* 4lbs green butter beans
* 6lbs onions
* 20qt tomatoes
* 4 cans creamed corn (large)
* 4 cans whole corn (large)
* 20lbs potatoes
* 2lbs margarine
* 2 cups sugar
* Add salt, pepper, red pepper, and chili powder for flavoring

* all meats are cooked beforehand
* Add stuff in, wait till it cooks down, add more stuff in.
* We cook ours outside in a big 12 gallon pot over a wood fire.
* Crush tomatoes beforehand
* Soak beans in refrigerator or else they'll sour
* We don't add any water to the pot. We just use the broth from the beef and chicken.
* Makes about 48 quarts.

Unfortunately I don't have anything to add, but it's a nice idea, a nice change of pace topic, and might allow people to experience some nice new things if people post in it.

But those ingredients, how many people are you feeding with that? That's an immense amount of food! Is it for a big family get-together or something?

Scourge of Ages:
Holy beef, Mamba, that's a big batch o' stew there! How many does that feed, and for how long?

I don't have many "family" recipes. There's a few that I've gotten from my mom, a few that anybody can figure out (spaghetti), and a few that I've gotten off the internet and tweaked to my needs. I'll share when I have time.

It's not for a family get together, but that'd be great. It makes 48 quarts. We get styrofoam quart containers and freeze it and eat it over the course of the year. We have a big chest freezer for that purpose.

But yeah it is a lot of food. And it gets thick. We use a big boat paddle to stir it.

Oh. You must have a lot of extra storage space for frozen food. Thanks.

EDIT: Then you told me anyway. :)


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