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BP, checkpoint system not working and crashing in the middle of the game



what happens?: I try to run the escort the agincourt mission and for some reason after skipping and/or watching the cutscene the screen freezes and doesn't shows the checkpoint menu, i can bypass this by pausing the game and unpausing it but in the middle of the mission the game decides to crash


--- Quote from: EatThePath on May 06, 2022, 11:22:01 am ---All these "proBox-sct.tbm" errors come from using [FSO] version 22.0. Unfortunately there's a bug in 22.0 that is fixed in recent nightly builds. You'll need to set Knossos to show engine builds, prefer nightly stability and update your FSO "mod" to get it.

--- End quote ---

ya i've been having trouble with other mods that used to work before i wiped out all the data of my hard drive and started again, how can i set these nightly builds and get further into the problem?

Status update, i found how to set the nightly builds and updated the FSO mod in my mod list, the game works properly now! thanks for the help have a good day


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