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Dosbox-Staging 0.81 RC Has Now Been Released with 3DFX / Voodoo 1 Support!


Important: A release candidate is a "sneak preview" of Dosbox-Staging 0.81's upcoming release before a full round of internal testing is completed. As such, it might contain occasional bugs or regressions, but it should be free of major problems.

Community feedback is crucial to discover issues in any complex software. The release candidate is intended for experienced early adopters willing to help us stabilise Dosbox-Staging for the final release. If you’ve found any issue in the RC, please report it accordingly.

Regular users who prefer a straight-line progression from one release to the next should wait for the stable release; this should come up to 2 months after the release candidate. for creating bug reports.

For best results with 3DFX / Voodoo support currently, in dosbox-staging.conf, change these settings: cycles = 150000 and dos_rate = 60 respectively. Do not use cycles = max. Also, take a look at the [voodoo] section of dosbox-staging.conf as well. Some DOS games have a specific game executable that loads the game with the Voodoo hardware, so also make sure that you are running the correct one for the game you want to play. For example, CARMAV.EXE for Carmaggedon 1. Speaking of Carmaggedon 1, the longstanding vertical black bars issue has finally been fixed as well.

Where Is dosbox-staging.conf Located?

Quick Editconf Feature

Additionally, the Dosbox-Staging Dev team is also looking for anyone who can help improve Dosbox-Staging's newly added 3DFX / Voodoo support. If you are willing and able to assist on that front, please join Dosbox-Staging's Discord channel at

For anyone playing DOS games that rely heavily on mouse movements, make sure that you set mouse_raw_input = true in your dosbox-staging.conf file. Mouse sensitivity can also be adjusted in that .conf file via the mouse_sensitivity setting.

Dosbox-Staging 0.81 RC's Features are listed below:

--- Quote ---List of Dosbox-Staging 0.81's Features:


01. Authentic adaptive CRT emulation

02. Accurate video emulation

03. 3dfx Voodoo 1 emulation

04. New integer scaling modes

05. Aspect ratio correct image captures

06. Supercharged image and video capturing

07. Aspect ratio and viewport enhancements

08. Fix "black vertical bars" video corruption issue

09. New deinterlacing shader for FMV games

10. Other graphics-related changes


01. IBM Music Feature Card support

02. Roland MT-32 ROM handling improvements

03. FluidSynth fixes

04. Improved MIXER command

05. MIDI muting improvements

06. Sanitise MIDI output & Roland RA-50 compatibility

07. Optionally fade out hanging notes on Tandy & OPL

08. CD Audio support on Linux for physical CD-ROMs

09. Other sound-related changes


01. Virtual joystick fixes

02. Support for mapping mouse buttons to keys

03. VirtualBox mouse driver support

04. Multi-monitor-aware mouse capture support

05. Other mouse improvements

06. macOS function key support

07. Brazilian ABNT2 keyboard support

DOS Integration:

01. New FOR command

02. Various DOS command additions and improvements

03. Persistent command history

04. Support for all DOS file & directory attributes

05. Autoexec improvements

06. Optional shell config shortcuts


01. Revised CPU cycles handling

02. Pause improvements

03. Config improvements

04. Revised capture naming scheme

05. Command-line user experience improvements

06. Normalise Windows Explorer context menus

07. Log window support on macOS

08. Modernised application icons

09. Maximum memory space increased to 3 GB

10. Modem improvements

11. x87 FPU emulation improvements

12. Debugger improvements

13. Improved Linux man page

14. FreeBSD, OpenBSD & PPC support


01. Support for modern and historic locales

02. Translation updates

03. Script to convert GOG CP473 config files to UTF-8
--- End quote ---


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