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I'd confidently say crediting the original campaign should cover you.

That would be point 3. :nervous:

The amount of files is so huge that alone crediting the campaign would be difficult. Some are highly recognizable - Diaspora, WCS, INF, what I included from WoD, and for a good part of the Skyboxes. But besides that... I don't know if there's a way of finding any of the weapon effect makers :warp:

Updated with MJNs Orion mainhalls.

Fixed the 2D Planets link after MF somehow broke the download link and made the file inacessible (even to me) - no changes though IIRC, so nothing new. Thanks to Wookiejedi for reporting this!

Fixed the 2D planet file again after MF decided to act retarded; now I'm abusing Hunters FSFiles from SectorGame. :)

Updated the skyboxes a bit.

Added some sound effects.