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Issue with "Into lion's den" mission
Hi!Sorry, I don't know if is this the correct topic for my problem. I've the retail version of Freespace2. I've installed with Knossos, last Open exe, with 4.5.1 MediaVPS, all packages installed. I'm arrived at "Into The Lion's Den"mission, but there's no Mara is normal? I've an Ulysses fighter instead. When the mission load, an error appear on screen, "Can't find 4 ship classes, and, the current Campaign (Freespace2) isn't compatible with mods (GotyMissions-1.03 MjnMHs 1.4.5). What can I do for solve this? Thx a lot!!


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Re: Issue with "Into lion's den" mission
Re-check integrity on the MVPS, there's almost certainly something gone haywire on your files when you installed em.
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Re: Issue with "Into lion's den" mission
Ok, thx!