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Permission to use ASW ships
Dear members -
I was hoping you guys would help me out on something. Below is a list of ships, I would like to use in my mod.

If it's possible could you add a link to download models and textures in a zip file. I don't have away to extract them
myself from the mod. Thank you for reading this.

------ From Ancient-Shivan War Mod ------

1 .AF Kato by Bobboau
 -files- KatoNew.pof
    Texture list: Kato_AO;damage;Kato_AO
2. AD Odigitria by Aldo
 -files- Odigitria.pof
    Texture list: acap05;acap01;acap03;gatea1;gatea2;gatea3;aexhaust;blueline;damage;at1g
3. ACv Arkalochori by Bobboau
 -files- Arkalochori.pof
    Texture list: CORVST1;CORVST2;CORVST7;damage;atile6
4. AD Achladia by Aldo
 -files- Achladia.pof
    Texture list: GateA2;damage;Acap01;Acap04;gatea1;gatea3;acap05;AExhaust;blueline;AT1g
5. ACa Akrotiri by Bobboau
 -files- Akrotiri.pof
    Texture list: ACap05;acap06;acap01;damage;acap03;Akrotiri;gatea1;gatea2;gatea3

Your friend,

You also can pm me here at this website with the ships and content
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