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From now I am going to gather all my present and future translations in this topic. You'll find here the list of mods/campaigns translated and links to download them.
You can also find the source of my completed and in-progress translations on github:

Feel free to report any bug or to make any suggestion about the translations on this topic.

Completed translations

Mod/Campaign     Translation link   
The Battle of NeptuneKnossos
Blue Planet CompleteKnossos
The Destiny of PeaceKnossos
Fall of Epsilon PegasiKnossos
FreeSpace Port MediaVPsKnossos
Silent Threat: RebornKnossos
The Titan RebellionKnossos
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French translation for The Titan Rebellion has just been released and added to the list  :)

Fall of Epsilon Pegasi has been translated and is now available on Knossos.
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Re: French translations
Diaspora is now fully translated in French (from v1.1.4). This time the translation is directly integrated in the original mod.

Re: French translations
The Battle of Neptune translation is now available on Knossos!


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Re: French translations
Great work mate!

Re: French translations
Thank you very much  :)

Re: French translations
The Destiny of Peace is now translated and available on Knossos.