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Offline Aesir

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Just played WCS Prologue and it was great!

But I have found a drawback, I'm used to play WC games with mouse since Privateer, and I really enjoy it this way, because in WC>WC2>Privateer>WC Prophecy>WC Secret OPS>Unknown Enemy>Standoff>Privateer Gemini Gold>Privateer Parallel Universe (and maybe the rest that I'm not sure right now) mouse behaviour is the same in cockpit, and it feels great. But here, in WCA Prologue cockpit mouse works a lot different.

So my question is, is there any way to setup the game to make the mouse behave WC-like?

If the answer is not... will be implemented? I think it will be a huge improvement, if player could choose between a WC-like or Freespace-like mouse behaviour, will be player wise (and sweet).


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I only know of a hack that changes mouse behavior. I don't know if someone is still working on implementing a better mouse behavior or not.
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If we have enough time we might try to change this. Can't give any guarantees though.

Hello Aesir,

I am also playing with Mouse. And i have no problems.
With Mouse the aiming is much smoother as with Joystick. but Joystick is better to follow the Target in dogfight. But i manage this with the Keyboard.

I have here a Sailtek Evo but i mostly play with Mouse (Better aiming)
I Inverted the Axis and go...

Greetings Peter