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First off, huge congrats to everybody! you all did an epic job on this project. you caught the feel and the mood of WC3 and i feel like a kid again every time i play this.  :yes:  :yes: <--- double thumbs of approval.

Ok, now for the question part.
i was poking through the ships table and noticed the velocities listed dont match the velocities displayed in game. so how did you get a listed max velocity 50.52 for the lawn dart to translate to what was it 320 kps in game? its a neat trick. is it scripted or in engine?
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Looking at the tables they did it the same way.
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Depending on when that function was added to FSO, it is perfectly possible it was already there when they split. I know that, although the whole HUD code refit wasn't there, the hud_gauges table already existed.

So, you might just be looking at a perfectly genuine SCP feature.
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