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Freespace Upgrade 4.6.x Discussion Thread
Starts here. It will take a few hours for the upload to hit Knossos. It's late and I'm going to sleep.
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Re: Freespace Upgrade 4.6.x Discussion Thread
I played Fall of Epsilon Pegasi to try out MediaVP 4.6.  Impressive


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Re: Freespace Upgrade 4.6.x Discussion Thread
Thanks for all the work you do on this MJN. 

This deserves a highlight at the top of the forum page.

Re: Freespace Upgrade 4.6.x Discussion Thread
Can't get 4.6.3 for some reason...I got the "partially installed" error. However, I tried verifying file integrity but the process never started when I hit the button. I also tried to see if I could run 4.6.3 to upload a debug but the game never started. 4.6.2 gave me all the options to play and what not. Is there a way to fix this or should I wait for 4.6.4? There is also another weird thing: 4.6.3 needed to be DLed again but the "partially installed" bug still showed up  :confused:


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Re: Freespace Upgrade 4.6.x Discussion Thread
Do not think, that this is 4.6.X specific, as that model was not changed here, afaik.

But in a livestream i watched last night, i saw a turret bug on the GVC Mentu. The target brackets on both top front turrets are offset to the turret model.
You have to hit the hull ~10 meters behind the Turret to actually damage it.
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Re: Freespace Upgrade 4.6.x Discussion Thread
Just a thought that always bothered me for years on every play through

Shouldn't the NTC Trinity be labeled GTC Trinity on the ship hull?

1) Romeg's lie that the ship was GTC Trinity instead of NTC is especially thin when it's emblazoned on the side of the ship.  Why would he even bother?  And then sound annoyed when his little ruse had been found out. Just makes him sound stupid.
2) They state the ship defected only 10 day's prior.  Which is an awful quick time frame to repaint the ship when they have stuff to do like explore the nebula.
3) It would have made sense for a covert mission that they keep the old label if only to buy time in some possible confusion.

But just my random 2 cents.
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Re: Freespace Upgrade 4.6.x Discussion Thread
I think point 2 is the most convincing to me.


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Re: Freespace Upgrade 4.6.x Discussion Thread
I think Roemig was trying to pretend the GTVA didn't know about the defection of the Trinity and therefore decided to play the "I did this on my own, we stumbled into this portal and warped out without telling anybody" card. Eventually, the GTVA did find out about its (more or less) formal defection to the NTF and we all know what happened afterwards.

So yeah, it doesn't make a lot of sense for the Trinity to display the NTC prefix in its nameplate but we're talking about a change that affected just one letter so the crew probably had the time and resources to do it themselves in the ten or so days between the defection and their expedition into the nebula system.

I don't know whether the FSU just implemented Nyctaeus' NTF reskins - those are a whole different matter. It does make sense to have proper NTF skins for the regular fleet, but the circumstances of the Trinity's defection are such that the NTF skin should not be used for this one ship, IMO.
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