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FLCL?  Those were the days.

Ehhh, I think I require an explanation.

Also, FLCL has nothing on Excel Saga

lol the icon.

EDIT: dang no more DERP


WoD gets finally hosted, 'ngrats! It's well-deserved.
I think, this is seriously going to be one of the major projects, as everything ( the campaign ) is welldone.
The faq explains everything, the information overload is causing serious lag in my Firederp browser, and the teambadge! Allmighty Hotdog! The teambadge shows everyone, what to expect from future releases.

To sum it up: This project derps hard!!1!!!!11!!!!!!111!!!!

And now seriously serious: Kudos to Spoon for pulling this off! Welcome to the big leagues!

Yay! we get WoD II - Xcalibur jurney to the silver coasts :cool:


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