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Spoon being a drama llama

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Well I liked the campaign myself, I was impressed by the fact that you made all those things yourself, the head anis, the story, the fighters, the weapons (gosh I wanna use the big badass explotion missile again  :drevil: ).

Now that you've got a team... I can't start thinking what are you guys up to.

So we're gonna see a new story right? or just an upgrade of the current stuff?

Also note that I'd love to see a more traumatic version, this one was the happy anime like story.

I want the tragic anime like story, you know... like this previous war but seen from the other side of the mirror.

(if that's possible of course)


--- Quote from: Spoon on September 16, 2010, 09:20:20 am ---So I made a poll, the same way Bats did for BP. The only difference is that only 19 people bothered to post in mine vs 120 in the bp one.

--- End quote ---
The reason that I didn't vote in your poll wasn't that I didn't enjoy the campaign. I was about to vote, but then realized that I only knew what less than half of the questions were even asking. The Blue Planet census had more questions, but the only ones I didn't know were about the soundtrack at the end of Pawns. So I rushed through Pawns just to find out what the soundtrack at the end was, but I wouldn't consider doing that for an entire campaign, even one like WoD.

Shivan Hunter:
On a related note: how much attention did the original Blue Planet get? I don't remember, because honestly I never paid much attention to it myself until some people recommended it to me.

Since people keep trying to compare WoD with WiH, I can only say that's... not a very good analogy at all. A better one would be the original Blue Planet, created by Darius alone. Sure, it's not an original universe with original assets- but it's the best BP analogy we have.

The first few posts in the BP release thread are about the download link giving a 404.
There's some ranting about how awesome it is, and then there's a bunch of TBL issues and crashes since BP required the MVPs but IIRC didn't include it in the mod.ini.

But even the original Blue Planet had an advantage you don't: it was comfortable. People would play it because it's a "return to Sol" campaign that, from reviews, seems to be well-written- so basically Inferno with less big-ship-spam and more plot.

WoD, on the other hand, is in a completely original universe. People aren't used to it, and most importantly they don't know whether it sucks or not. In a sense, they want the same question answered that you do. And the answer isn't out there yet- you have the foundation for a very interesting universe, and you have the general shape in place for other campaigns, but there needs to be more detail for people to go on. Flesh out the nuances of the humans, Cyrvans, and the Hertak and their battle thralls.

Make another campaign, or maybe a few minicampaigns. They'll each attract new players on their own merit, and of course people who played the original will play them as well.

Also, just thought I'd mention to whoever split these posts off- "llama" has two l's.

Blue Planet also had a slow start. Remember its earliest release? A mission had you losing your HUD. Another two had a bunch of nebula thrown in as the skybox. You could see the lines where the skybox 'folded'. The first Vishnan mission had a fatal crash. Etc.

In this respect, Wings of Dawn was better than Age of Aquarius. But, as Shivan Hunter says, BP had the familiar setting and an unexpected ending twist that ensured an interesting sequel.

Besides, why are you comparing a relatively new mod, with a big old one?
See Inferno. It was the largest mod of its time, and now months can go by without it getting new replies, let alone updates. Only recently it started to move forward, and to no lack of backslash.

As people say, make more of Wings of Dawn, and people will flood in. But if you can do me a favor, keep the light hearted theme. We already have gritty realistic war campaigns aplenty, and believe me if I say one that doesn't make Warhammer 40,000 look like My Little Pony is a breathe of fresh air.


--- Quote from: Jellyfish on September 16, 2010, 12:34:08 pm ---But if you can do me a favor, keep the light hearted theme. We already have gritty realistic war campaigns aplenty, and believe me if I say one that doesn't make Warhammer 40,000 look like My Little Pony is a breathe of fresh air.

--- End quote ---

Yes please. I know at first I said "your campaign isnt srs enuf!" during beta testing but I've come to really like the style you went for.


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