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I was wondering what type of missions you, the players, felt were the most enjoyable to play. And what kind of missions you would like to see more of in a new release. Or what kind of mission you absolutely hate and would never want to play again.

Sure, Wings of dawn easily has the most varied mission design of any freespace mod/campaign. But does varied equal fun?

Lemme hear your opinions!

General Battuta:

--- Quote from: Spoon on October 10, 2010, 09:29:18 am ---Sure, Wings of dawn easily has the most varied mission design of any freespace mod/campaign

--- End quote ---

that's not true, i've played campaigns where i got to fly intercept, fly intercept near mercury, fly intercept near venus, fly intercept near earth, fly intercept near mars, fly intercept near the asteroid belt, fly intercept near jupiter saturn neptune uranus and pluto and the kuiper belt, and sometimes also fly intercept in delta serpentis, beta aquilae, ross 128, capella, the nebula, and even upside down


I love you tutta ~<3

I had the most enjoyment from the atmospheric high-altitude mission, the one with the fleet disabled by EMP and the asteroid gauntlet :D

I found the disabled ship protection mission the least enjoyable, and would like to see less of those type of missions in all campaigns, forever.

I didn't liked defense missions in general, though escorting the convoy in atmosphere was quite fun.
I like attack and bomber missions.


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