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Errors trying to run A Nordera Day

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When I try and load up A Nordera Day, I get this error when trying to get into the main hall:

--- Code: ---Could not load in main hall mask '2_MainScreen-M'!

(This error most likely means that you are missing required 1024x768 interface art.)
<no module>! KiFastSystemCallRet
<no module>! WaitForSingleObject + 18 bytes
<no module>! <no symbol>
<no module>! <no symbol>

--- End code ---

However, the AND main hall does appear, and then I get a warning about the current campaign not being found, so I go to the campaign room, select AND, and when I try and go back to the main hall, I get the same error again. Once I click past that, if I click anywhere on the AND main hall, including places where there are no buttons, I get the "Exit Game?" prompt. Sadface.

I do have AND selected as the mod in the launcher, with Wings of Dawn and the 3.6.12 MVPs as secondary mods.

fs2_open.log attached. What have I ****ed up?

EDIT: The correct fs2_open.log is attached in a later post.

General Battuta:
Turn your resolution up above 640x480?

According to the debug log you posted this gets loaded

--- Code: ----mod mods\Resurgence,mediavps_3612
--- End code ---

which should be

--- Code: ----mod WoD AND,Wings of Dawn,mediavps_3612
--- End code ---

So you either misclicked something or posted the wrong debug log  :p

From the sound of your post though, it sounds like AND gets loaded but it failed to load/find Wings of Dawn.
Because the mask file (the one that tells the game where the buttons in the mainhall are located) is located in the Wings of Dawn folder. Only the mainhall picture is in AND.

You're right. I did post the wrong debug log. Here is the correct one.

EDIT: That stuff you said about it failing to find WoD seems to be right, as I neither get the WoD splash screen nor the WoD intro cutscene. Just the default MVPs ones. I'll try perhaps setting WoD to a primary mod instead of secondary.

EDIT#2: That didn't work.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Iss Mneur:

--- Quote from: CommanderDJ on October 16, 2010, 09:28:12 pm ---You're right. I did post the wrong debug log. Here is the correct one.

--- End quote ---
You apparently don't have anything in the folder Wings of Dawn as no vps are loaded and there are no supported files in the folder.

Using my psychic powers you have put both AND and Wings of Dawn in a sub-folder called mods.  So either you need to edit the mod.ini in mods\WoD AND to reflect non-standard layout or move the mod folders in mods subfolder into the root Freespace folder (recommended). 

I should add that having your mod folders not directly in the root Freespace folder is unsupported.


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