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Yes, work on a sequel has started.
At this point, it is mostly model and effects creation along with a rework of the tables. In other words, getting the basic framework/foundation ready.
Release is still a long long way off, but I'm sure the wait shall be worth it! There are some great ideas in the pipeline.
Or at least, so I would like to think


Is that a Fura'ngle bomber? Certainly has an odd kind of charm... but why is it fighting against LSF ships?
Traitors still loyal to the Hertak? Some diplomatic disaster? Or maybe just showcase  :P

It might not be a chronological sequel, it could be happening concurrently with the events of WoD...

General Battuta:
Spoon you are brilliant but those were about the two ****tiest screenshots you could've picked. Look at the composition! Half of them is empty space! Center your subjects, Junior Photographer Third Class!


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