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Help! Corrupted pilot file

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Today I got to what seems to be the final set of missions, aimed towards destruction of enemy flagship. I passed the one where it is necessary to destroy all the junk fighters and reached one where you have to kill a jump-inhibitor. After failing this mission, I clicked exit. But now, when I am trying to select my WoD pilot, game crashes... :(
Is there a way to fix this? Or do I have to star it over? :mad:

General Battuta:
Oh dear. Post a debug log, please?


--- Quote from: General Battuta on January 16, 2011, 02:35:49 pm ---Oh dear. Post a debug log, please?

--- End quote ---

In case you dont know select a debug build of FSO in the launcher and run the game as you would normally with WoD active as your mod

when the game crashes go to your freespace 2 folder, then do into data (freespace 2/data , not freespace 2/WoD/data) and look for fs2_open.log and attach that to a post here.  this will hopefully contain the info the support guys here need.

This one?

[attachment deleted by ninja]

So, there is no way to reanimate my pilot?:(
Maybe it is possible to somehow edit the file, rolling it one mission back?


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