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Help! Corrupted pilot file

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--- Quote from: Logrus on January 17, 2011, 07:10:05 am ---So, there is no way to reanimate my pilot?:(
Maybe it is possible to somehow edit the file, rolling it one mission back?

--- End quote ---
not really. make a new one, that should help.

Making new one helps all right, waht I wanted is not to start everything from the beginning:(
Apparently the problem is in this campaign progress file. How can I edit it into operation? Like deleting the record of the last mission flown?

[attachment deleted by ninja]

Dark Hunter:
If you'd like to skip ahead to any mission in the game, you can go to the Tech Room and select Mission Simulator. Then press Ctrl-Shift-S to immediately unlock every mission in the campaign. Play them at your leisure.

I know that. Just was hoping for another way.

Still not quite the same as finishing the campaign, especially if there are campaign vars involved.  I feel your pain, but I'm not aware of any way to salvage the pilot or campaign progress files.


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