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Wings of Dawn Multiplayer?

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I'm curious. If I were to start a project to bring Wings of Dawn into multiplayer, would anyone be interested in joining or at the very least contributing something to it? Because I do feel like I want to show the Ray III E is master fighter. It's my hope in this is to have every race in WoD be playable for multi except for Cyrvans and Aleyurians (who both are ridiculously overpowered, meanwhile the Hertak fighters only need to have a reduction in hitpoints to be balanced).

But, yeah, who would want to give it a go?

Totally not in response to WiH multiplayer project!


Okay, so here's the svn link for the WoD multiplayer project. It's a bit of a WIP, and the balance is very questionable still. Comes with 5 Dogfight missions and one TvT mission.

This project is over. No more.

I'm all for it.

Deadly in a Shadow:

Would be weird but yes, I would test too.

I wouldn't mind testing some WoD multiplayer.

Cyrvans would most likely have better balance in WoD2.
Right now, they only have one ship.


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