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Hi Spoon. Rear Admiral Lorric reporting for duty! I’m not clear on if you want us to tell you why we want to play, or just our fleet and flagship name. I’ll give you what you’ve specifically asked for, and I hope you’ll pick me!

Order of preference:

1. CRF
2. SF
3. LSF
4. DD
5. UGC

Flagship name: Soaring Spirit (I wanted something to go with the CRF’s morale theme. But it will do for any faction.)

I love the logos, especially the Sol one. I wish you luck with this.

Ummm, Spoon:

"LSF Fleet
Fighter attack strength: 23 (19+2+1)"

Shoud be 22.

Initially, I thought I'd be content to watch this play out, but now that I've seen the gameplay mechanics, I'd like to apply to be a Delest Dynasty admiral.

Flagship: Aurora
Commanding Officer: Rear Admiral Jason Ralwood
Fleet nickname: Fist of Silva (or whatever system it ends up being based out of)

Faction Choice 1: CRF
2: LSF
3: SF

CO: Rear Admiral Carlos Santiago
Flagship: St. Louis IX
Fleet: 4th Fleet

I'd be happy to be signed on with the Sol Fleet or the UGC. :D

Flagship - Sovereign
Commanding Officer - Rear Admiral Aaron Soryu


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