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Thanks Spoon,

Credit to Lorric for his Service Record template. I modified it slightly to suit my own tastes, but idea and essentials remain the same

(well, the .doc version doesn't quite as much. But I wanted it looking pretty, even though noone else will see it...)

I've titled it "Invasion of the Hierarchy - Service Records", as on the first page of Discussions. That is the name Spoon gave. Incase of future games, the title denotes the difference. Or blah,  it's 2:30am

To update you guys on the progress of the victory video, busyness of turning 12 aside,  I'm currently giving the champion&crusader ships a visual update. I want to include these in the video, thus why it will take some more time.

Ships done and added, now the recording and editing can and will begin~

I should really fix this part in my service record, just seems a little bit wrong...

--- Quote ---Prior to engagement:
1st CRF: Fighters 33%, Capital Ships 29%. Morale: Zealous
3rd Hertak: Fighters 84%, Capital Ships 84% Moral: Normal

End of Combat
1st CRF: Fighters 97%, Capital Ships 97%. Morale: Zealous
3rd Hertak: Destroyed
--- End quote ---

Clearly your fleet must have replenished its forces with captured nordera ships  :p


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