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"It takes half damage" probably means that both fleets deal damage to another equal to half of the damage that would have been dealt in a normal fight.

D&D 4th ed rules, yo.

So, if you have 8 remaining, in order for you to survive, the enemy fleet must inflict less than 16 damage to you (rounded down to half).

Looks like I'm part of the reserves too. Oh well.


I am currently sitting in the porch of my manor in Novoye Ligovo with my staff, cursing the REMFs who delayed the supplying of the fleet and instructing my beautiful secretary / executive officer on the proper procedures for exiling them to the crystal mines. I am not in my flagship bridge, as it is currently inoperable, thanks to the aforementioned REMFs' reluctance to properly maintain ships of reserve fleets. Where is the Motherland headed to, I ask you?

I am also drafting a letter to my good friend and academy schoolmate, R.Ad. Georgiy Kuznetsov, informing him of the unforeseen delays, imploring him not to get himself killed until I can reinforce him and requesting his assessment of the front-line situation.

I have some questions about UGC Mercs :)

1) The ability says +50% fighters & +25% capital.  However, the base fleet stats seem to be increased by 75%/50%?  Should the stats be:

--- Quote ---UGC Fleet
With mercs
Fighter attack strength: 25 (13+2)
Capital attack strength: 19 (15)

Fighters at 150% Strength, 3rd Gen
Capital ships at 125% Strength

--- End quote ---

2) When the mercs contract ends where are losses taken from?  e.g.

Starting state with Mercs:
Fighters at 150%
Capital Ships at 125%

Fight, fight, fight, take losses
Fighters at 108% (42% losses)
Capital Ships at 90% (35% losses)

When the Mercs leave, is it:
a) Mercs take all losses
Fighters at 100%
Capital Ships at 90%

b) Relative split of losses between Mercs & Regulars (this probably makes the most sense to me)
Fighters at 72% (100 - 42 * 2/3, 50/100)
Capital Ships at 72% (100 - 35 * 1/5, 25/100)

c) Regulars take all losses
Fighters at 58%
Capital Ships at 65%

d) Something else?

3) Similar question except for hiring mercs when below 100% strength. I'd guess that's as follows:

Starting with:
Fighters at 72%
Capital Ships at 72%

Hiring Mercs gives:
Fighters at 122% (72+50)
Capital Ships at 97% (72+25)

Instead of:
Fighters at 108% (72 * 1.5)
Capital Ships at 90% (92 * 1.25)

4) Lastly, can you choose not to pay the upkeep in order to dismiss the Mercs early?  If you've taken a pounding & can retreat to resupply while other fleets hold the line, it would be good to avoid draining the resource pool.  On the other hand, if the contract must be for 3 turns, then No Retreating with Mercs Active!  Yaaaarrrrh!!

Thanks :D

I think I'll be making my way over to Virgo so that I can intercept any move made by the Cordi, and disappear/retreat into Aquarius if need be.

Looks like I'll have to wait for a turn. I blame the REMFs.

Oh well, at least I'll have time to prepare some heroic speeches when it's time to use Zeal.

Now, we can't be sure of this, but judging from the enemy's psych profile, the Nordera will charge and fight to the death. The Cordi have a bit more self-preservation and will likely retreat and regroup if they take too many losses. If my unit is due to encounter Cordi, I'll make sure to drill my fighter pilots in gunnery lessons until they can reliably hit those bloody agile fighters.

You know, I don't think any of the starting people need to think about being in reserve when there'll be 5 more fleets on the map in just 2 turns. For me, the starting fleets need to immediately head to the front and engage the enemy. Within 4 turns every fleet in the game will be able to reach the front line.


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