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Admiral MS:

--- Quote from: Enioch on July 15, 2013, 12:32:53 am ---I am currently sitting in the porch of my manor in Novoye Ligovo with my staff, cursing the REMFs who delayed the supplying of the fleet and instructing my beautiful secretary / executive officer on the proper procedures for exiling them to the crystal mines. I am not in my flagship bridge, as it is currently inoperable, thanks to the aforementioned REMFs' reluctance to properly maintain ships of reserve fleets. Where is the Motherland headed to, I ask you?

I am also drafting a letter to my good friend and academy schoolmate, R.Ad. Georgiy Kuznetsov, informing him of the unforeseen delays, imploring him not to get himself killed until I can reinforce him and requesting his assessment of the front-line situation.
--- End quote ---

The Nova is buzzling with life as everyone prepares for combat. Looking at the main screen I can see barrels of large anti capital guns and some 2nd generation fighters flying along...
"What's the meaning of this? Don't we have anything else than those old rusty things you call fighters? No wonder morale has hit an all time low!"
Silence falls over the bridge. It is full with officers of different ranks, some from the Nova, some from other ships of 2nd DD. Still no one dares to say anything out of fear of getting sent to the crystal mines.
"Just what happened to the Motherland? This attack wasn't exactly unexpected. Yet the only thing I managed to do was moving the fleet a bit closer to the frontlines. Getting permission for such a small move during peace times was already hard."
"Alright! While our fighter screen may be a bit lacking but we can make it up with anti capital firepower. I want these cannons *pointing out of the window* at peak performance. We are going to use barrage more than once in this war and I don't want to see one of them failing over firing constantly. That's all!"
"Yes Sir!"
While everyone is getting to their individual meetings I'm walking back to my cabin. Once inside the display switches on and shows the arrival of one new mail. Seeing the sender "Ivan Dimitrievic Kalazonitov" actually puts a smile on my face for the first time today. It was a nice time back in academy...
Reading it sent my smile down the face and if it wasn't a holographic display I would need a new one now.
After some minutes I wrote my answer informing him of the frontline situation with two Nordera fleets of unknown size approaching. This war is very likely to start with some very intense battles and neither of the two LSF fleets already close to the front is likely to hold for itself. I hope he will arrive in time and sent some of these incompetent REMFs to the "reeducation camp". Until then I will try my best to prevent the Nova from getting pulverized by overly motivated suicidal Nordera.

Thanks, Spoon. Derp, forgot about Stranded.


    Rear Admiral Carlos Santiago was not having a good day. Taking another swig of Harcon coffee, the only thing which would be keeping him awake for the next few days, he leaned back in his comfortable ready room chair and took another look at the strategic map displayed on the holotank. He had been quite content with the 4th's Starlance exploration duty on the western fringes of League space. Now, his 4th Fleet was moving at full speed to the galactic east, spurred into action by reports of a massive, unexpected invasion by unknown species. At maximum safe speed, he knew it would take three to four days for the 4th to reach the front. That is, unless the front had collapsed before they arrived.

    That seemed unlikely; with four allied fleets in engagement range of the enemy's two opening thrusts of two fleets apiece, the League forces should hold the line until all reinforcements had arrived. Fragmented initial reports indicated that the "Cordi" and "Nordera" invaders' tech levels were on par with or inferior to most League units' equipment, so the opening engagements looked roughly even. Underestimating the enemy, though, would likely be a fatal mistake.

    The League command situation, though, was another story. His orders from Commonwealth Fleet Command had been confused and contradictory, and the LTW's decentralized military model made it impossible for any one entity to exercise effective control over all League forces. The individual fleet commanders had seemingly been left to their own initiative. It was already obvious that the LTW could not count on immediate, large-scale Cyrvan military support in defense of its territory. Victory or defeat, then, would likely depend on all Terran factions' fleet commanders' ability to smoothly coordinate an effective defense.

    Santiago did not love war, but this was a clearly justified war of self-defense, and he would do his duty to Crown and Country. The 4th Fleet CRF personnel under his command, fortunately, had responded to their orders with characteristic zeal. He only hoped that such dedication would be enough. The main cannons on the Warrior and Inflexible had both unexpectedly shorted out during firing tests, and the flagship's mechanics had reported elevator trouble. Hopefully, repairs could be made en route. He was mostly proud of the performance of the men and women under his command, and was confident that the 4th would distinguish itself in combat once battle had opened.

    Whispering a quick prayer to St. Michael for valor, he gave the order for the St. Louis to engage jump drives. The battlefield beckoned.

Day 0, Champion-class carrier Swift, Sol Force 2nd Fleet, Polaris system

"Broadcast message to all second fleet elements, priority Alpha: prepare for urgent transit to the Aldebaran system through Formalhaut, overrides previous orders. Starlance jump at 2000 hours. Go to Enhanced Readiness status. Switch to wartime loadouts when necessary. More details at 1800 hour." The CIC remained silent for a whole 5 seconds after the Rear Admiral finished dictating his message, then the captain started distributing orders: "Comm, recall any bird still out there. Chief, place the ship in Enhanced Readiness condition. Engine room, warm up the starlance. Gunnery control, prepare for weapons and shield check in 15 minutes. Helm, move us away from the station, there's gonna be a lot of activity here for the next few hours." As the ship came to life, eyes kept drifting towards the Admiral, looking for some sort of answer. Wartime loadouts, load as much ordnance as you can. Wartime loadouts, that means that wherever you are being send to, expect to see combat. Don't worry, you always know in advance when the higher ups are planning a training exercise involving being fully loaded.

"Sir, the Legend, Ram and Fearsome are all reporting ready for action."
-"Captain, the ship is at Enhanced Readiness."
-"Incoming friendlies, the Raptor, Peace Lily and escort fighters are preparing for emergency resupply."
As the traffic around the flagship increased, a series of tactical reports came in from Force HQ, sealed for the time being. Rumors of war with the Cyrvan began to spread accross the channels, until Rear Admiral Fremont's second broadcast.

"To the officers and crew of the second fleet, I regret to inform you that humanity is once again threatened by an outside force. The aggressors are two unknown species, designated Cordi and Nordera. The exact reasons behind this invasion are currently unknown. What we do know is currently being transmitted to all ships. I recommend everyone to get familiar with these tactical reports before we hit Aldebaran. Pay extra attention to files regarding the Cordi, as our fleet is being moved to counter their advance.
Preliminary reports indicate that the technology displayed by both these species is qualitatively inferior to ours, forcing them to use swarming tactics. Stay alert, and prepare to show why we are Humanity's Iron Wall. Today, we fight to win. And show the LSF that the SF is the best. Message Ends. Captain, take us to the Formalhaut Starlance."

As the the flagship and its escort prepared to make their intrasystem jump, the Admiral thought "Man, why do I always have to fight the creepiest dudes in the galaxy? Must be some kind of cosmic joke."

That's it for now. I'm thinking about sprinting to the front line. This is exciting :)

My, my, looks like everyone's all fired up about this. That makes me happy.
Ahem, back to character.

Day 0, Task Force 765, currently in transit towards Ruba Pegasi
"This is Rear Admiral John Harkness speaking. Unknown hostiles have been sighted entering our space, and we have been ordered to move to Ruba Pegasi at best speed.
All ships, set course for the Rubi Pegasi starlance. Assume fleet formation. Cavaliers, form the vanguard. Dukes, set up escort positions around my carrier. Helm, all head full."
As the Temeraire and the Dauntless moved to guard the Lord-class carrier Senhime, crews all around the Third CRF fleet continued running last-minute drills in preparation.
Fighter pilots are drilled on fleet maneuvers, beam capacitors and magazines are checked and double-checked.
The gunners are eager to fire, well-prepared for the fight.

Flagship Sovereign
3rd Sol Fleet
Lyrae System
Day 0


So it begins.

The admiral looked up from his monitor at his crew scattered around the bridge. Would everybody be ready? They'd been in skirmishes before, but from the looks of it - This was far beyond anything they had done before. What were these ships? The first set looked... Primitive, and the second; bug-like. Nothing in the recovered footage regarding their strengths or weaknesses.

What did they know? Only that whoever, or whatever they were, were capable of silencing an entire Terran garrison in a matter of hours.

"Comms, open up a fleet-wide channel, and get it on speaker."

"Roger that, standby... Alright, you're live in five... four... three... two... one..."

"To the pilots and crew of the 3rd fleet, this is Admiral Soryu speaking. As of right now, we are in a state of war - There has been a simultaneous attack on the systems of Crux and Kardoen of unknown origin that have managed to wipe out all that stood before them. Aside from their general ship count, we know next to nothing regarding their strengths or weaknesses.

Regardless, it is our honorable duty to stand among our allies before this new foe. As far as I'm concerned, the lot of them deserve nothing less than a face-full of explosive firepower. If they want our systems,our resources, our homes, our families - They can pry em' from our cold, dead hands. We're bringing the fight to them - We depart immediately.

Helm, engage subspace drive."


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