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"Citizens of Sol and the neighboring systems of Grens and Lyrae were relieved after the bloody fighting with the Hertak fleet near the Earth orbit finally comes to an end. The Britannian forces finally brought the once massive fleet that also carried a large number of mysterious fighters and frigates armed with never before seen weaponry to their knees. The survivors of the fleet have surrendered and are being brought in for questioning under supervision of CRF's Fleet Admiral Veers."

"There were also unconfirmed reports of some CRF units firing at surrendering Hertak vessels. Some suggests that there were miscommunications between the fleets, so far the CRF have neither confirmed nor denied the allegations."

"Another uncomfirmed reports from undisclosed sources also indicated that the Admiral of the 1st LSF had apparently gone missing, leading to the question of who or what is giving them the orders, especially after their recent successful operation against the Nordera in Vega. The LSF authorities have not issued a statement."

"On a related news, archivists in Sol thought that they uncovered a highly controversial UEU secret project that was apparently once based in Luna. Evidence suggests that the project had something to do with the mysterious ships brought by the Hertak fleet that invaded Sol. The UEU apparently did genetic engineering related surgeries on some selected individuals that apparently going to operate similar vessels. How the UEU managed to get their hands on such advanced vessels however, remains a mystery. Researchers in Kobra Corporation and Heinkel & Krauss GmbH have expressed interest in research of the captured vessels."

"The battle still continues around Aldebaran where the combined Alliance forces are hunting down what appears to be the fleet leading the invasion."

"From the Sol Union Network Studio, this is Tony Crimson."



Greetings my fellow Admirals and friends.

I have long been trying to put this out of my mind, the 2nd CRF is now back up to full strength and readying to return to the Aldebaran meat grinder once again, and I’ve been trying to focus on that and what’s in front of us, but I just can’t shake off thinking about events in Sol, so I’m going to have to get some thoughts off my chest about this before going back into battle.

This is not how the CRF handles business. My colleague Veers of the 1st CRF is a perfect example of how the CRF conducts business when faced with a beaten enemy, and has enhanced the reputation of the CRF with his fleet’s conduct, but now there is a threat to that reputation, and maybe our very humanity if this is allowed to spread.

At this stage we can’t know who gave the order. Or even if there was an order. I personally am absolutely confident if I tried to give such an order, each and every person in this fleet would tell me where to stick it. Certain things you just do not do, even if your CO is telling you to do it.

But the 2nd CRF hasn’t been through what the 3rd CRF has been through. Even the 4th CRF hasn’t been through what the 3rd CRF has been through. Both fleets were destroyed at the hands of the Hertak, but the 4th CRF was better prepared for it, while every vessel was destroyed, the casualties were a lot lighter, and Admiral Santiago survived. The 3rd CRF, it was a bloodbath. And how long was it before we even learned of their fate, before those scattered survivors were picked up? They lost most of the people they knew, along with their beloved admiral, and had to watch as more were killed in front of them, and had to float around in their escape pods for days on end unlike the members of the 4th CRF who were quickly recovered.

What would that do to those who survived? I’m not saying this couldn’t be Admiral Alcott’s work. Perhaps she gave the order, and those under her were all too willing to carry it out. Some of what I’ve seen reminds me of a mob mentality, when ordinary people can be incited, when the mob wants blood, and it can only take one person to start shedding that blood to set the whole mob into a frenzy of death and destruction. Even without the Admiral, all or nearly all those who survived will have been in the senior positions of the new fleet.

I had hoped that by waiting it out, the information would come to light about what really happened, and my input would not be needed, but we’re out of time, my fleet needs to be primed and ready for battle, so I had to bring the subject up. I trust both of you to do what needs to be done if this situation escalates. Admiral Alcott’s silence is suspicious and worrying, but perhaps she simply doesn’t know what to do. Before this happened, I would never have even contemplated that such a thing could occur from within a CRF fleet. Naturally I would attempt to stop it immediately, but war makes monsters of even the finest. This is all profoundly disturbing to me, and I don’t know where it is going to lead. I wish you both luck. Thankfully it looks like the “Special Fleet” has been all but eliminated as a threat, now down to mopping up last pockets of resistance. So soon you should be able to turn your full focus on this newest development.

It’s one thing knowing how I would deal with the problem if it was within my fleet, but with someone else’s fleet, what to do? Will we have to fire on our own, to protect those who came to slaughter us? Potentially even worse, what if there is an incident between the 3rd CRF and one of the Sol Fleets? A big part of me when I saw the battle dying down in Sol wished we of the 2nd CRF were there too. Just imagine it, the spectacle of the entire CRF in one place, and not just any place, orbiting Earth, defending our home World together… it was such a beautiful image I had held in my head… now, it suddenly has taken on a much darker appearance. Suddenly I’m glad the 2nd CRF isn’t there anymore. Suddenly, I’m glad for the battle ahead, for the simplicity of it, even if it is anything but easy. For the distinct black and white, for the clarity, the righteous certitude of what we must do, instead of the ugly shade of grey in Sol. What had once been such a clear distinction of light and darkness, right and wrong, has now turned to an obfuscating grey fog of uncertainty.

Good luck my fellow admirals and friends. Remember always what the CRF, what we, stand for, and you surely can’t go far wrong.

Fleet Admiral Lorric, 2nd CRF


ADM 3FLT to ADM 1/2/4FLT

Ok so it seems like there has been some issue with my actions regarding the destruction of the hertak fleet in sole. the orders to wipe them out to the last man where mine.  i had given them the option of a unconditional surrender or death when i arrived in sol and thay did not take the offer that would have spared there lives. so i carryed on with what i had told them i would do. i would hunt them down and destroy them, i did so.  my men where not at falt for there actions. thay where all following my orders to the letter.  what bothers me more, is your insistence on extending human compassion to dogs who have shown our own people none of the same.  i can not, and will not, let the actions of the hertak go unawncered. to let them live after all they have done, is something that in all good conscience allow them to live after the crimes thay have committed. take this as you will.

also, not a single enemy ship, broadcasted to any of my fighters, that that had surrendered. as much as it feels wrong to say this, thay did die fighting like soldiers should. had they begged for there lives, which thay dident even as the last of them died, i would have recended my kill order. if thay did i can only say my men where to efficient in wiping them out before they had a chance to make it apparant.

as my logs record it, i had only learned of there "surrender" after the cessation of my combat operations, as for my long absence, i am not at liberty to discusses it with anyone below epsilon clearance.


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