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Hello everyone.

I have created this thread, as now that we have a seperate RP thread, at least to me, it has felt awkward to talk about RP. It doesn't belong in the RP thread, and it feels awkward and out of place in the discussion thread. Also, such posts could easily get lost in the shuffle.

Thus, now we have a place to talk about RP. A place to talk about people's RP entries, discuss RP elements between us, and possibly plan joint RP entries.

And now I'll start it off. It was Admiral MS's latest RP post that got me to do this, but his wasn't the first one to make me think I want to say X, but... I am really liking the RP.

So I'll just say this, I thought it was a good post, I enjoyed reading it, and I particularly liked the part about the Nordera's fighting spirit going up being disturbing, and, despite, or perhaps because of the fact I am a CRF Admiral, I found the commentary on the CRF both interesting and amusing. Yes, I can imagine the DD and CRF not exactly seeing eye to eye... :D

I think this was also the first post to really branch out into a wider area than just a player's own fleet, encompassing multiple fleets and events, so I found that interesting and I thought it was well done. An overview of events happening in the South.

So while those were the highlights, I enjoyed reading the whole thing, and it made me want to put the final touches on the post I made underneath it, which was nearly ready.

I've been one-upped by Lepanto! :lol:

I had thought about fighter squadrons, but have no idea how many would be in a fleet. But I intend to follow your lead and update my post to match the new standard. I also in my mind have always had the fleet split into three sections, though I would never have thought to split it in my post, so it's very interesting you did that, I'll definitely have to do that too, I always had in my mind the CRF Unbreakable Tenacity and CRF Boundless Confidence as the two next best ships in my fleet.

Hey Spoon, if you're reading, do you think you could get Lepanto a shot of his flagship in one of your videos like you did mine so he doesn't have to borrow mine? I have absolutely no problem him doing so, but it would be nice if he could display his own flagship.

Hey everyone! Let's see your fleets! :D :cool:

I think this thread might be a good area for productive RP collaboration, if people used it.

Maybe we could do some sort of plot arc where the DD and CRF admirals in the south have to learn to work together effectively against the enemy, despite the DD admirals' dislike of the CRF.


I roughly derived my carriers' squadron totals from the numbers of squadrons aboard FS destroyers. If Spoon gives us an accurate number of squadrons per carrier, I'll change it.

I'd certainly be interested in seeing that, I found it interesting what he had to say about the CRF.

I'm sure the Hertak could "help" you to work together. :)

I've been typing up some names for my own fleet for fighter squadrons. I'll wait to see if we get an answer from Spoon.


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