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Praise Spoon! Praise the players! Raise your glasses, ladies and gentlemen! A toast!

To the Alliance, to the Empress and to the Dynasty - and death to the Hertak!


BTW, are those Delest cruisers I spy in the video? Could we have a close-up?

Until next time, folks. I might crawl out of the woodwork to post a final RP chapter, wrapping things up, but my schedule is really full these days.

Congratulations to all you players for going to far away places, meeting new alien lifeforms and then, kill them! (Observers get a good seat!)

I'm glad our feedback made the end result even way better, Spoon. My heartfelt.

This was wicked fun. Hail Spoon!


I must admit, I am a little teary as this could very well be the last time I see the Silver Arrow or 1st CRF again. (Na, will relive it)

Damn good job Spoon, across the entire game. Thank you!

Commander Zane:
What an ending that was; an amazing video.


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