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[WIP] Shadow of the Colossus

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Proof this mod ain't dead. Here's a bit of a peek at what I cooked up.

Nice :yes:

I'm closing development of this mod now. In a couple hours, a playable release will be uploaded to Knossos, though beware that it is not of usual release quality. It will contain all but two playable missions and a campaign that ties them together. I might go back some day and fully finish this thing, but not today or in the forseeable future.

Why? Well, this mod wasn't really as much of a story I wanted to tell, but rather a loose assortment of various ideas I wanted to try and pull off with FRED. In that regard, the mod's been a complete success. But in an attempt to make it an actually playable and fun experience, I tried to rewrite the plot and add new elements here and there that bogged down development and made it very unfun to work on. Couple that with a mod I'd much much rather be dedicating my work time to, this project ultimately felt more like a burden than an actual project. But rather than let it fall into irrelevance, I've decided to open it up and let whoever wants to, play what I produced so far. All missions, safe for Mission6 and Mission5 are completable, though I cannot guarantee all of them are fully polished.

Want to claim the mod and work on it yourself or use anything I dumped into this mod for your own work? Feel free to do so, I'm happy if this mod made at least one person happy. Thank you for the support, and I'm sorry for being unable to finish it.

On the bright side, expect a much more exciting project to start blooming soon.

Oh noes


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