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Question about message lists

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So it's been a while since I did any fredding, so I am working on a mission using blue planet mod and I have a small issue. The mission is very talky and I have done my message list. The problem is whe  the messages a displaying in the middle of the hud it doesnt show the whole message before disappearing to the right hand corner. I have tried increasing the time between messages but seems to make no difference. Even short messages dont display the full text. Have I missed something incredibly  simple to fix this?

Have you checked if it is an issue specific to the Blue Planet-dependency? I remember they use a custom font, so they might have modified the text draw time on the message box.

i will check it out on regular FS2 and see if that makes a difference

In BP>Config>Axmessage.cfg, add  "AfterVoice": 12.0, between the "Length" and "TitleColor" lines. This may or may not cause problems for BP, though if your mission is its own mod using BP as a dependency then you should be good.

cheers colt. No my missions are in the BP mod as i am only using BP assets


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