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i like some ppl to help with this projact
campaign generator its posseble
some saying not but i belive that ai is smarter as us

Bryan See:
I'm interested in doing that.

Already a new project? What about finishing the other things you're working on?

A good idea to recruit help is to lay out a set of goals and larger plan, that way others can see what you are contributing and what specific aspects they might be able to add or help with. I have made my own campaign generator (development is still ongoing 2 years later), and from my experience I could give you a list of lessons I have learned, but I suspect you are looking for someone with more active involvement. From my experience, the amount of time a team leader puts in should be as much if not much more time then the other contributors in the team put in. In other words, leading by example can work wonders.   You also propose using some type of 'ai' in your project, so I would suggest stating what experience you have with AI and what skill sets you possess that would allow this project to reach completion. Are you proposing using a lua solution, custom external script packages, modular missions, etc? Overall, projects with specific goals and a road map are much more likely to attract others and reach a final end product.

Also, I agree with Nightmare. Having too many open projects greatly raises the probability that none of them will ever reach completion. One step at a time with small, doable goals is a good matra to follow  :)

I still think that generating an entertaining random book is easier than this. And nobody generated such a book yet, or at least, not that I'm aware of.

There are a lot progress done in AI field involving neural networks and other stuff. But I think we are still far from AIs having a deep understanding of our language. And this is what is needed if you want to do a campaign generator : you need a way to tell the machine what is a good campaign.

The only way you could do that without doing decades of active research, would be to just take the procedural way : create instances of a more "generic" campaign, using procedural generation. But story-wise it would be in my opinion way more work than redacting an Act for Blue Planet, you would need a lot of fine tuning and a lot of possibilities so that the user keeps getting entertained (in terms of story) with each new campaign..

Obviously the first step to generate a random campaign would be to have a random mission generator. Then you could add constraints/bindings to your random mission generator, and make it so that your random campaign generator uses the random mission generator.

But then the stories would not be original. You wouldn't have unexpected outcomes like you have with the great campaigns out there. It would feel generic and it would be very hard to step out from that impression.


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