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hi all who can help me with story writting i suck at it i am busy with evil rises i could use help i have writen a littile big could you help!Anh2Q9xPqybilaccCUXks6YUkeI3dw
this is backstory
Welcome to another area of hell. Call me, anytime you need to bring peace to the galaxy but if you ask about the squadron, I hope you can help me out with what you can do. You can send in and out the squadron, but it is not ready and prepared to stand against this new thread. Happy New Year! We are creating things, but with nothing happening here, it is not possible because I want you to turn it into a secret project. And it will happen in the future missions, as you will see you’re getting on to helping to destroy them all. And that is what we are going to do. But destruction is already began. A new area begins. So now and then we are going to make an army with the alliance but the alliance cannot give the enemy the peace that they want. You can call me any time when the enemy army is too strong. But you will see that it is not always hope that we need to defeat their engaged enemies. There is no hope against Happy New Year. Let me know if there is nothing else we can do.
There is a new army coming. They will know every weakness of Happy New Year….

i need grammer error's fixer missions builders too

evil rises = happynewyear?

yes act one

Have to admit that i never understand what this happynewyear thing is about at all.

After i searched in the forums, this campaign(?) was declared as nearly finished in 2015. Then it was postponed at the beginning of 2016 because it should have ~20 missions now and upgraded previous ones. The last piece of information i found was, that atleast 15 missions were finished in the middle of 2016 which was three years ago.

So... what is this?

a new projact custom campain called evil rises


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