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Hidden Terror Trailer Released

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High Res HT Trailer - 1024x480 - 34.7mb
Low Res HT Trailer - 512x240 - 13.7mb

This 2 minute trailer should be able to run without any extra codecs, if anyone has any trouble with it please post so I can fix it up.

I am aware of most of the problems so far, such as the shivan comm pic not displaying, right now its still showing terrans, working on that. Engine glows are being worked on too, if Darkage gets off his lazy ass :p

Another thing is it might come out before 2004, depends. :p We could use another Fredder or two, and a story designer to help spice up the campaign.

Comments, questions?

Wow very nice dude ! :yes: :D ;7

OOh! Exciting!! Me can't wait!!!

Looks really good DragonClaw, great stuff!

Can't wait for the campaign!

Flipside :)

Thanks for the comments guys. :)

Only 3 replies though? :o I thought everyone here liked high post counts, so POST!! :mad:

Anyway, whats it take to get on the news page WITHOUT having to PM an admin, are they that lazy? :doubt:


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