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Deep Eyes (Creator): (MSN) [email protected]
AOL: Deep Eyes NY

I've posted this info about a month before in another forum, it's long since been kicked to the archives. I'm reposting information about my mod, campaign etc., and what will be expected in the coming future. (Image Heavy below)

Freespace: Resolution
-Post-Capella Campaign composed of about 20-40 missions, of various size length and detail.
-A plethora of new mods, including some already in existance the uber popular BWO Banshee fighter.
-Xeno-Translucent (XT) technology incorporated into newer ships, older ships, as well as existing Volition Ships.
-Dozens of new charecters.
-Very indepth and well plotted story line (Novelization comming soon).
-New effects such as backgrounds, sunglares, hull shines, glow points - all the new SCP goodness; as well as new beam effects and the Nexus Flight function.
-New weapons such as the 75-Meter Anti-Capital ship shells for the standard large turrets in the GTVA, the "Negotiator" swarm nuclear torpedoes, Reflex missiles, "Relfex" Rail Gun cannons and the Nexus Spread & Focus Beam cannon.

Blah blah blah features! Now the juicy pics, more coming soon...

The GTD XT-01 Nexus Class Destroyer & the GTCC New Mecca Class Colony Vessel.

The GTF NAS (Nexus Advanced Synergy System) under a New Mecca Colony Vessel, with beam from XT-01 firing at shivan cruiser; GTSC Nimitz class carrier.

And the XTD (Xeno-Translucent Destroyer) Orillion.

The reskins are nice.

I like the screens but the Orillion sucks IMO. The Shivans can just follow the lights instead of relying on their sensors now...

No offense but it looks like a space-faring christmas tree.


--- Quote ---Originally posted by TheCelestialOne
......No offense but it looks like a space-faring christmas tree.
--- End quote ---

Having a closer look at it .... well, ehhh .... I don't want to hurt deep_eyes, mostly because he is a staff member at RR(despite he hasn't done anything yet, if I remember well).

Think about those poor artists who receive these critism after their hard job to do a texture like that. Honestly said, I have always mistaken the lighting captial ship windows in all games. Now this is a good feature in FS:Resolution apparently.

[EDIT] There is something front of the Demon, what's that? It looks like something Vasudan.

Knight Templar:
Meh, the windows make them look bigger and more like capships.


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