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Revolution Project Update


I have continued to work on this project myself because I can't find help, but I won't give up. I have taught myself to MOD but I haven't quite mastered texturing...... Here is a picture of a stealth bomber in the making. The cocpit is off to the left (if it is possible to do in freespace) so the giant main part of the bomber is to maximize loadout. I don't know i I will keep it this way (I don't like how the front looks), what are your opinions.

I know, I know its need SERIOUSE texture reworking.

I also have a trailer but don't have anywhere to host it, it is about 30 MB.

Lastly, some or very few of you have viewed my site. Well that was a waiste of time, because I am totally reworking the story. 80% of what is in the site will not be in the campaign. Well thats my update and if you would like to help me, e-mail me at [email protected]

uhhh ok..... how do I insert an image?

You need to upload it to some webspace of your own first. Try Geocities or Angelfire or one of the other free websites that someone will no doubt reccomend as being better.


My new site is up and running!!!

It shows the meshes for my first MOD, I don't know if I will use it or not. What are your opinions?

Also it has my story updated and will host my trailer within the month, I just need to move it from my old computer to this one. YAY!!!


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