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Karajorma's Advanced FRED2 Lessons

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Nice turorial :) Really shows how useful (and versatile) variables can be.

After reading this tutorial, I had a dream I was playing one of these "King of the Hill" missions, but this debris had been organized and placed to form a little shield that your ship could hide behind, but when you did you could see through a small hole to the other side, and for some reason I didn't feel like actually trying to hold the territory fairly, so I just ~k'd all of the enemy fighters, and then I was in a different dream where there was this mutant salamander trying to rape me

This is some good stuff. I'll try and merge the two tutorials and sticky them, just so people can have them easily accessible. :yes:

Fair enough. I wasn't gong to do it myself but I have no issue if someone else thinks they're worth stickying. :)

Wow, awesome  :yes:

I'm going to start learning it soon  :)


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