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Karajorma's Advanced FRED2 Lessons

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--- Quote from: nostro_pl on January 10, 2009, 06:59:21 am ---Wow, awesome  :yes:

I'm going to start learning it soon  :)

--- End quote ---
Hmmm... Nostro migrated from FS.PL to HLP? :D Great choice! :D
Welcome! ;7
More polish people out here means more activity :) Also visit and and become active member :)

General Battuta:
Holy crap. That's impressive stuff. Particularly liked the prime-number trick. This will seriously raise my appreciation of FREDding in the future. I assume you wrote all the dialogue, too? Doubly impressive.

Given such an incredible feat (even accounting for difficulty level), I have to ask -- why those bothersome asteroids? Any way to tone them down a bit?

Oddaelan wrote most of the dialogue for the mission. Although I was the one who had to set it all up in FRED once I had it. :)

The asteroid difficulty is set by an AI Profiles entry it would be fairly easy to change the numbers but since I only ever played on medium and easy and never felt troubled by them I had assumed the numbers were fine for higher skill levels.

Yeah. Very, very impressive.  :yes:

I was puzzling over how Inferno managed to get their "Nemesis nano-jump" working in FRED but now I see. I'm going to implement some aspects, definitely the anti-cheating part in a mission.

There is actually a better way to do that in 3.6.10 builds. Anything after a # in a ship name is ignored. If I were building the mission again now I would have named that ship Fractal 4#Scar instead.


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