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[Released] Ray MkIII (Now with W and E variants)

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And with this, the Ray series will be done getting an upgrade, or so I was told (can never be too sure).

Anyways, please leave feedback because...

<Spoon> Look, I'm just not very good at conveying meaningful feedback at models. I just acknowledge my weakness.


Yes, I stole borrowed the same wings as AndrewofDoom. Don't judge me.

WIP Texture




--- Quote ---18:59:51 Spoon: anyway, I like the back part of it, the wings are nice, it has nice smooth bevelled edges. the top, side, bottom and back profiles look nice. I just think the front/mid part of the fuselage still looks kind of thick and not as streamlined I guess. Since it wont have an exposed cockpit it might need some breaking up or something. I say this fully aware that it is a WiP
19:00:06   Spoon: is what I just said meaningful at all? :p
--- End quote ---
Figured I'd slap this here as well.

I personally like it. But I think the missiles in the rack need to be rounded and not flat topped.

Updated to include the Ray MkIII-E and Ray MkIII-W variants.

On the W, shouldn't the wings that point forward have the thicker edge on the rear of the craft instead of on the front?

Is this more to your liking?


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